• Back building at the studio

    After a few days doing other things I was back in the studio yesterday and was glad to see everything taking shape. The sets are almost ready, the shower(s) are almost ready, the lights are almost in place and the script is almost done. Now all we need is another 24 hours of work, then some girls and some gunge!!!

    Top Gunge

    Stay tuned, if I can I will be posting more often as we get ready to start shooting tomorrow!

  • Sets being built!

    More exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the Top Gunge Studio. Here we can see Leon at work (I know, I just had to break out the camera ;) ) and Lisa being the clean and dry (but wrapped-up-warm) volunteer in the gunge-booth.....more updates to follow, we're shooting soon.

  • Two days worth of building!!!

    Yes, I ran out of time to post yesterdays update on how the studio is coming along, and things are moving so fast I had to check back on the photos to remind myself what was saturday and what was sunday. So on saturdays photo you can see the lighting rig in position hanging from the ceiling, the background drapes hanging from the wall, and the shower and changing room quickly taking shape in the back corner:

    And then on suday (in the driving rain rather than the driving snow this time :-/ ) we cracked on with painting - lots of painting of walls and sets. The shower is really taking shape now with the walls mostly in place, only the waterproofing and the actual waterworks to go!

    Today we crack on with specific Top Gunge sets! Stay tuned!

  • Studio construction update

    Yup, despite the snow (which was good and deep and thick) construction at the studio continues apace. Check out this montage I made yesterday, and I'm about to jump in the car and head down with Lyn again to crack on. BTW, it may look from the photos like he's the only one doing any work, but I promise the others of us were simply running around so fast we're a faint blur in the background!!!

  • Welcome to the OFFICIAL Blog!

    Hello, welcome along to (hopefully) the first of many blogs about the upcoming web-TV show Top Gunge, which is currently under pre-production, is shooting soon and will be live on the web ASAP. Stay tuned for exclusive behind-the-scenes chat and photos, from me (Big Dave) and anyone else I can get to turn their hand to it....

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